Solar Company: An Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Right Installer

The use of solar energy has gained popularity in both residential and commercial settings. More people are adopting the use of solar energy to power homes and offices. The main reason behind this is the significant savings on utility bill costs and helping conserve the environment.

Finding the right solar installer can be a daunting process. You must engage a reputable solar installer that is fit for the job. This article provides a guide on the selection of the right solar company to help ease your process.

Certified and Trained Professionals

Installation of solar panels is not a job for just anyone. You need to pick a solar company with competent staff who are fully trained. The installation of solar panels can be technically challenging. You need to hire professionals conversant with electrical works.

The company you select should have proper certification and knowledge of the current and best safety practices. Safety plays a key role in the installation process. 

Avoid Pricing Comparisons

Most solar companies may present you with a cheap offer for the installation process. Please do not fall for it. Installation of a solar system is a sophisticated process. Your contractor needs to ensure that all the components work well. 

In addition, there are a series of permits you need to obtain from local authorities. A competent solar company should be able to coordinate that on your behalf.

Workmanship Warranties

As a homeowner, it is essential to pick a solar company that offers a warranty. A warranty safeguards your home from any installation errors a year following the completion of works. Read the fine print to ensure a warranty is provided.

Reputation and Credibility

A significant way to prove a solar company's expertise is through researching its credibility. Third-party review sites can provide feedback from previously served clients. By combing through these sites, you understand the service delivery of the solar company and its reputation as well.

If you notice a pattern of complaints from customers, it could be a sign you need to work with a different installer.

Check for Licensure and Insurance

Due to the nature of risk involved with a solar installation, solar companies generally require certain certifications to execute their work, such as certain business licenses, a general electrical contractor's license, and a C-10 license. You should also check whether the company is OSHA certified and has general liability insurance.


With the above steps in mind, you are ready to select the right solar company. It is advisable to have a list of different companies to compare the kind of services they deliver.