Converting An Old Commercial Garage Into An Office? Install LED Bay Lights

If you plan to convert an old commercial garage into a small office soon, install LED high bay lights in the room's ceiling first. LED, or light-emitting diode, is a unique type of light source that works well in professional buildings.  Light-emitting diode lights help make large, dim, and poorly-lit areas safe and secure by illuminating the environment inside them. Learn more about LED lights and how to install LED high bay lights in your office garage below.

How Does LED Light Benefit Your Garage Office? 

LED light relies on microchips to create enough energy to illuminate buildings. The energy created by the mechanisms tends to be more cost-efficient and longer-lasting than the energy created by traditional light sources. When used in large fixtures, such as high bay lights, LED light can be a great way to illuminate your office and save energy throughout the year.

In order to obtain LED high bay lights for your office garage, you'll need to find a provider who offers the fixtures.

How Do You Obtain and Install LED High Bay Lights?

The first thing you may wish to do is contact a bay light provider and request information on their products. Providers offer bay lights in various sizes and bulb wattages. Providers also offer lights in different shapes and features. You'll need to purchase high bay lights that meet the specifications and needs of your commercial garage. 

A provider may need to know your garage's ceiling height before they can help you find the right lighting. High bay lights work more efficiently in buildings with ceiling heights between 20 and 45 feet. High bay lights can illuminate the area without compromising safety and security. If you choose low bay lights, the fixtures may not cover your workspace or area clearly or properly.

In addition, a provider can help you determine how many bay lights you need for your workplace. If you plan to use the entire work area to carry out your daily functions, you may wish to install multiple rectangular- or linear-shaped lights in the garage. If multiple lights don't appeal to you, you may install large high LED bay lights instead.

For smaller workspaces, you may use rounded- or circular-shaped fixtures in your commercial workspace. These types of bay lights work well for you if you don't plan to use the entire space in your garage.

Finally, a provider may help you choose the correct wattages for your lights. The wattages you choose should be enough to illuminate the room without using too much energy during the day. 

For more details about LED bay lights, contact a provider or light fixture supplier today.