Energy Storage for Solar Panels to Make Your System More Reliable and Independent

If you have solar panels installed on your home, you want to have the right energy storage solutions. This should be more than just a battery bank, and it may be time to consider updating your system. The following energy solutions for solar panel arrays will help make your system more reliable and productive:

Choosing the Best Solar Inverter Systems

The solar inverters are the most important components of storage systems. These are the components that will convert electricity. Today, there are a few options for the inverters that can be connected to solar energy systems, including:

  • String inverters that connect to a series of panels
  • Microinverters that connect to individual panels
  • Central inverters that connect to entire arrays of panels

The right inverters will make your system more productive. They will reduce the problems with failures due to issues with a single panel. This will ensure your system is always producing the energy your home needs.

Battery Bank Technology Design for Solar Panels

The battery technology of your system is also important for your solar panels. Today, there are a lot of options for battery banks of energy storage systems, including:

  • Conventional deep-cycle batteries
  • Lithium batteries with modular designs
  • New hydrogen battery technology

The battery bank stores the electricity that your home needs when the sun goes down. It will also store the excess energy that can be sold back to the power grid.

Electrical Panel and Grid Connections to Solar Energy

The energy storage needs to connect to your home's electrical wiring. This requires specially designed electrical panels for household wiring. It will also need a meter that connects to the power grid. Some features you will want to have for the electrical panel and meter include:

  • Panels with metered circuits
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Digital meters for solar energy systems

The panels and meters connected to the grid are specially designed equipment. You want to contact a professional solar energy service to get help adding these features to your system.

Monitoring to Ensure Systems Are Functioning Properly

If you have a solar energy system that provides energy to your entire home, you want to monitor it. There are many benefits to monitoring the system, including:

  • Knowing how productive your system is
  • The ability to identify and repair problems quickly
  • Safety features that prevent overheating and fires

There are also different solutions to monitor the panels. They can have integrated monitoring in the energy storage design, sensors for panels, and other features that ensure your system is working properly.

The energy storage system can make your solar panels a more reliable power solution. Contact a solar energy service and ask them about the right solutions for your home's power needs.