Questions About Your New Home's Propane

If you have just purchased a new home that runs on propane and you have never lived in a home on propane before, you will likely have many questions. Answers to some of the more common questions regarding a home on propane can be located here in this article. By reviewing this information, you'll be able to move into your new place with working knowledge of the propane system.

How do you know how much propane is in the tank?

You're going to want to know how to check the propane level in order to see how much you are using and to estimate when your next delivery should be. Your propane tank will have a gauge on it that you can read to see how much propane the tank still has. When looking at the gauge, you want to keep in mind that the tank will only be filled to 80% capacity. You'll see the needlepoint at a percentage amount, and this is what you will use to determine what's left in it. Knowing the tank is only filled to 80% means you want to be sure you have more propane delivered by the time the tank gets to 25% but may want it even earlier than this to be on the safe side.

How do you have propane delivered?

You are free to have the propane delivery company of your choice to deliver your propane to you. If you want to stay with the same company that's been delivering to the home, then look at the side of your tank and you may find a sticker with the name and number of the propane company you want to call to schedule your next delivery and set you up with your new customer account.

How do you prepare for your propane delivery?

Ask the company if you need to be home for the first delivery. For that first delivery, they may want you there to sign something, or so they can give you helpful information. After the first delivery, you won't have to be home. If the propane tank is in a fenced yard, make sure the fence is unlocked and have any dogs you own put up so they can't attack the delivery person or get loose. Make sure you move any vehicles that would be in the way and park them where they won't impede the delivery.  

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