How To Prepare Your Place For A Solar Installation

Performing a solar installation requires a location to be properly prepared. This includes making sure you have a clear line of sight to the sky, and you should also verify that your solar panel installation and supporting components will have places to go on and in your building. There are also frequent concerns about how well the electrical system can support new solar capacity. These four tips, however, will help you get everything lined up for your project.

Do a Full Study

Every location has different potential for generating electric power, and it's wise to consult with a professional and study whether your site is a good candidate for a solar panel installation. This is especially the case if you're worried that you might need to do something drastic, such as cutting down trees or reinforcing your roof, in order to accommodate a new setup.

You should also plan to review the effectiveness of your solar installation down the road. Assembling a couple years' worth of grid-based electric bills will give you a sense of how well your new configuration is working. Make a point to note any changes in electric rates, as you'll want to make an apples-to-apples comparison when evaluating long-term usefulness.

Electrical Needs

Adding a solar installation calls for putting new electrical system components to balance the load, feed electricity back into the grid, and store power for future usage. It's important to talk with an electrical contractor about what may go into upgrading your home's system, especially if you're thinking about going completely off the grid. You want to know that your solar configuration won't be overloaded at any point. You should also look at whether your setup can supply the power your family will require, even on the worst days for sunlight availability.


It's wise to contact code enforcement officials about any permit requirements your job may entail. If you live in an area with a homeowners' association, you'll also want to discuss whether a solar panel installation is allowed. Make sure you'll have all necessary paperwork close at hand when work starts.


Improvements in manufacturing processes and a rise in overall demand have led to a more diverse range of options on the market. If you want to create a setup that'll be relatively inconspicuous, a contractor should be able to help you find a style and color that fits the bill.

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