Maximum Sun: The Only Time That Maximizing Sun Is Good For You

Nowadays, you are often reminded to avoid getting too much sun, that that certainly does not apply when the sun you are trying to get is solar power. Still, in the grand scheme of things, you are trying to get more sun, not less, out of your solar panels. SolarEdge power optimizers are just one brand of optimizers for sale. Here is how the optimizers work to provide you with the most sun [power] you can safely get.

Power Optimizers Tweak Positioning

Since you do not have all the time in the world for standing out in the middle of a solar panel "farm" and manually tilt every panel toward the sun's path across the sky, you can let power optimizers do it for you. After you install power optimizers for each panel, the optimizers tweak the positioning of their coinciding panels automatically. The idea for this concept came from watching flowers move their heads in the direction of the sun as the day went on. The flowers were maximizing their own exposure to the sun by following it. Hence, the development of power optimizers for solar panels that make the panels track the movement of the sun and maximize their power collection.

Collecting More Sun Places More Power on Hold

Solar panels collect a lot of sun on those days when the sky is clear, the sun is bright, and the days are long. The rest of the time, very little solar energy is captured. When solar panels were initially developed, "they" realized this problem and developed ways to store extra energy on long and/or sunny days. The stored energy is what is used when the skies are gray, the days are short, and you are still consuming the same amount of power daily regardless of the weather. Ergo, when you optimize and maximize that power collection, you have a very healthy backup storage of solar energy for when you need it most.

The Optimizers Can Be Controlled Remotely

What good would your optimizers be if you could not control them remotely? That is why many of the SolarEdge power optimizers for sale offer "smart" technology. It is an additional box that operates off of a little bit of the collected solar energy to which you can connect via WiFi. Turn this panel off, turn that panel on. Move that panel to face the west. Monitor the amount of solar energy each panel has collected and budget for the amount of solar energy you will need for upcoming days. All of it is completely doable from your computer or mobile device.