Going To Start Using Propane Tanks? 3 Tips To Keep You Safe While Using The Tanks

If you are going to start using propane tanks and have never used them before, you need to learn some safety tips. Propane is great to use for heat and other things, and offers many benefits. It can still be dangerous, however, if the tanks are not used properly. To help you, below are three safety tips so you can get started using propane to heat your home.

Be Careful Where You Store

When storing propane tanks do not keep the tanks in any areas like a basement or garage. Even though propane tanks are durable and very hard to puncture you sill need to be careful just in case something happens.

You should also not store any propane tanks in your home or in a vehicle. This is because propane should be kept at the right temperature. If the temperature increases the propane becomes extremely dangerous. The only time you can store propane tanks inside is if they are empty and have been purged of propane.

Keep propane tanks away from heat and sunlight and they should always be stored upright.

Use Properly

If you purchase a new propane tank check it for leaks each time before you use it for a few days. This is something you can easily do on your own. Mix together some soap and water in a bowl. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle.  

Spray up and down the rubber tubing with the bottle. As you spray, look for any bubbles. If you see any form on the tubing, then you have a propane leak. At this point do not use the propane tank but contact your propane company to bring you a new tank. Never try to patch a leak as this will not work properly. If the leak is not bad, you can replace the rubber tubing. If you are not sure, however, always have a professional look at it.

Turn Off During Weather Emergencies

If you have extreme weather and have to leave your home, take time to turn off all propane systems. First, turn off the safety valve on the propane tank and then turn off the valve on each appliance that is ran by propane. This will prevent the propane tanks from exploding while you are away from home.

When you return to your home you should contact the propane company that you use to have them first do a safety inspection. They can make sure there are no propane leaks in your home.

Talk with your propane company and they can give you more safety tips.